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Azulfidine is approved to treat or prolong the remission of ulcerative colitis uc .

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Information about Azulfidine.

Bst sults, kp using th mdication as dictd. Sulasalazin will not cu ulcativ colitis, but it can duc th numb attacks you hav.

Sulasalazin acts a substanc in th body that causs inlammation, tissu damag, and diaha.

Th mdicin may alscaus dowsinss dizzinss. B cautious whn diving poming any task that quis altnss.

Sulasalazin is usd ttat a ctain typ bowl disas calld ulcativ colitis. This mdication dos not cu this condition, but it hlps dcas symptoms such as v, stomach pain, diaha, and ctal blding. At an attack is tatd, sulasalazin is alsusd tincas th amount tim btwn attacks. This mdication woks by ducing iitation and swlling in th lag intstins.

Sulasalazin is alsusd ttat bowl inlammation, diaha (stool quncy), ctal blding, and abdominal pain in Cohn’s disas. Talk tyou doctabout th possibl isks using this dug you condition.

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